Presentation of H.E Mr. Ambassador Azzeddine Farhane on "Morocco views on Migration Issues in MENA and AFRICA" at the Institute of Middle East and Africa in Hanoi (IAMES).

17/10/2018 281

H.E.Mr. Azzeddine Farhane, Ambassador of his Majesty The King of Morocco to Vietnam presented, on 14th december 2017, at the Institute for Middle East and Africa Studies (IAMES), in Hanoi, the Moroccan Migration Strategy, and The Kingdom's views on the issue in MENA region. 

The presentation offered an overview about the general context of migration worldwide, and specifically in MENA region, followed by the contributions of Morocco, as regional and African leader on Migration issues within the African Union, to the international debate for fiding concrete approaches to manage migration flows regionally and on the international level.