Morocco-Vietnam’s Economic relations

19/04/2019 2489

Economic and trade Relations:

Vietnam, through its strategic location in South-East Asia and as a member of the emerging “ASEAN Economic Community”, offers large perspectives of promising economic cooperation with Morocco, which is considered a genuine and effective gateway to access Africa market for Vietnam, and benefit from African market trade, economic potentials and opportunities.

Political relations have recently seen a significant evolution and a new dynamic that could develop trade between the two countries, through joint ventures, partnerships and cooperation agreements in the fields of agro-food, tourism, finance, renewable energies, pharmaceutical industry, and aquaculture…

Moroccan imports from Vietnam represent 89 % of the bilateral trade balance, which is in favor of Vietnam. However, a significant evolution in terms of Moroccan exports increased, between 2017 and 2018 by 8 Million USD.


Main Imported and Exported Products between Morocco and Vietnam:

Phones and accessories, coffee, sea food, computers, electronic products and components, textiles, shoes, fishing nets, chemicals and pepper are the mainly imported products by Moroccan companies, while DAP fertilizers, computers, vegetable oils, chemicals, plastic residues, marine products, pharmaceutical products and raw materials for textiles and shoes are the mainly exported products by the Vietnamese side.