Industrial Acceleration Plan

01/02/2018 783

The Industrial acceleration plan is a new approach based on the implementation of efficient ecosystems aiming at the integration of the value chains and the consolidation of the local relations between big firms and SMEs.

The strategy, that will extend over the 2014-2020 period, is expected to generate half a million jobs in the sector and substantially increase the share of industry in GDP from the current 14% to 23 %. 

The changes to be introduced will help diversify and expand the industrial fabric and institute a better coordination and deeper partnership between large companies and SMEs. It will therefore reinforce the Moroccan Industry as a major leverage for growth and job creation.

The new strategy provides for the creation of the “FDI”, a public industrial investment fund endowed with 2 billion euros. It also focuses on supporting the transition of the informal sector to the formal economy with a series of incentives and tax measures. Also, the plan grants utmost importance to human resources, the aim being to respond better to Moroccan and foreign enterprises’ requirements.

The plan provides for other measures to better exploit and optimizes industrial zones and makes them more accessible to operators through rental offers.

On the other hand, the strategy calls on all Moroccan economic operators to have “the Africa reflex” to upgrade Morocco’s partnership with African countries in order to confirm the position of Morocco as a gateway for international investment in the continent.

The plan focuses on ten key measures, grouped into three blocks :