HM King Mohammed VI's Report on Monitoring of Establishment of African Migration Observatory in Morocco Submitted to AU summit

13/02/2020 1593


Speaking at the Summit, the Head of Government said that HM King Mohammed VI tasked him with conveying His Majesty's greetings to His brothers the African Heads of State and Government.

                                          Head of Government Saad Dine El Othmani

HM the King, as the AU Leader on migration issues, has prepared his second report on the establishment of the African Migration Observatory, based in Rabat, which highlights migration as an important factor in development, said El Othmani, noting that the report is based on the following fundamental outlines: a diagnosis of the issue of migration in Africa, the highlighting of the key role of the African Migration Observatory in the context the good governance of migration in Africa and the imperative to place Africa at the heart of the implementation of the Marrakesh Global Compact on Migration.

The report stresses that the African Migration Observatory as a new AU mechanism in charge of technical and field missions will help develop, through reliable and accurate data on migration, clear, effective and realistic policies, said the Head of Government.

The Observatory will oversee the implementation of the Marrakesh global compact on migration through data collection and the promotion of continental and international cooperation in the field of migration and the strengthening of the contribution of migration to sustainable development, he said, noting that the Observatory will also offer the opportunity to underscore the positive aspects of migration by encouraging regular migration, protecting the rights of migrants and promoting a new investment to serve development.

He also noted that HM the King stressed that Morocco has offered the organization modern premises respecting international standards to house the Observatory, which will be officially inaugurated in coordination with the AU Commission after the adoption of the Observatory's statutes at the current summit.

Regarding the Marrakesh Global Compact on Migration, the report proposes a roadmap based on four broad lines, namely clear and effective African national policies, inter-regional coordination through regional economic communities, a continental vision to make migration a lever for community development and a responsible international partnership facilitating migration and a peaceful and regular movement of people, said El Othmani.

HM the King's wish is to put young people at the heart of his mandate as an African leader on migration issues and to base policies in the field of migration on the development and social integration of migrants and the protection of their rights in order to offer these young people new opportunities to encourage them to settle in their countries of origin, concluded the Head of Government.

(Source: MAP)