Morocco-EU Twinning Meets Requirements of Modern Public Accounting (De Lagarde)

26/03/2021 2208

"This twinning is particularly structuring since it responds to the requirements of modern and transparent public accounting", underlined De Lagarde, who was speaking at the Morocco-EU twinning seminar entitled "Support for the modernization of public finance management", organized in the webinar format.

As part of the EU's Hakama program, it provides support for the modernization of the Moroccan administration in terms of public governance, said the French official. The said twinning also aims to increase performance and budget transparency through the implementation of reforms of the public financial structure and the dematerialization of procedures affecting all the professions of the General Treasury of the Kingdom (TGR).

He added that "the philosophy is to build an overall logic to increase performance and the budget transparency by perfecting the accounting system, modernizing the controls and the information systems and training agents".

This philosophy is likely to allow the administration to lay bricks: a certification of State accounts that meets harmonized international standards, noted De Lagarde.

For his part, Deputy Director General at the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFiP) of France, Antoine Magnant, highlighted the historical links between the TGR and the DGFiP, noting that the Morocco-EU cooperation is multifactorial and has many facets.

This is an old relationship, he said, specifying that the administrations and communities of civil servants of the TGR and the DGFi have an extremely strong bond.

Stressing the importance of the modernization of public financial management, Magnant praised the efforts of the TGR for the implementation of reforms relating to the management of public finances and the dematerialization of procedures.

For her part, Adèle Lieber, delegate for international relations at the DGFiP, highlighted the close cooperation between the TGR and the French body marked by friendship and common respect. "Technical cooperation has been fueled in the past by many missions and study visits", she said, adding that this allows the two institutions to have a common framework, a culture of common public finances. 

The Morocco-EU twinning, initiated by the TGR, the Department of the Treasury and External Finances (DTFE) and the DGFiP of France, aims to support the efforts of the TGR for the implementation of reforms relating to the management of public finances and the dematerialization of procedures in all its areas of activity.

Spanning 24 months, the project is funded by the EU by up to one million euros and managed with the support of the DTFE.

(Source: MAP)