Participation of Moroccan Embassy in the 7th International Food Festival 2019

10/12/2019 1672

                                                                                        The Stand of Moroccan Embassy

The Food Festival was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and organised by the Service Department of Diplomatic Corps in Hanoi on 8th December 2019 featuring around 120 pavilions representing embassies, foreign relations departments, non-governmental organisations and foreign cultural centres in Vietnam. with the aim to enhance cultural exchanges and mutual understanding among countries.

During this festival , the Moroccan culinary flavors were brilliantly illustrated: couscous, mint tea, horns gazelles and other delights have garnished the remarkable stand of Morocco at this event, making the happiness of Vietnamese Foodies and foreigners who were many to come to appreciate the authentic culinary art of the Kingdom.

Morocco's participation in the festival since 2014 reflects the level of cultural cooperation between Vietnam and Morocco, and underlined the importance  of such opportunities to highlight its cultural diversity and its Arab and African confluence.

Last year the festival raised nearly 2.6 billion VND (112,000 USD), which was donated to handicapped people, orphans and the poor.


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