Message from the Ambassador

01/10/2018 599
Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1961, Morocco and Vietnam have enjoyed a profound traditional friendship and historical bilateral relations. Their foundations laid on the shared historical memory, rooted in the heroic actions of Moroccan soldiers who joined the Liberation Army of Vietnam to fight for the independence of the Nation (1946-1954).

This historical memory is not just an individual or a private experience, it is a part of the collective domain of historical heritage that Morocco and Vietnam have in common, and which is still embodied, until today, in “Morocco Gate”, in “Ba Vi” region (80 km from Hanoi), as a beautiful monument, built by Moroccan soldiers, on Vietnamese land and with Vietnamese materials, inspired by Moorish architectural style of Moroccan imperial cities.

In this perspective, the first edition of this international seminar on Shared Historical Memory between Morocco and Vietnam, organized, by The Embassy of Morocco and Vietnam National University in Hanoi, on 27th March 2017, represented a very valuable occasion for a rich panel of professors and academia, to create an open sphere of discussion for assessing the historical relations between Morocco and Vietnam and shedding light on common historical heritage between our two countries. 

Moreover, this event was an opportunity to nurture interdisciplinary dialogue on means and ways to develop research programs in the field of shared historical memory, and to set up joint actions and collaboration activities in publishing books and articles about the memorial history.

Besides, Morocco and Vietnam, respectively gateways to Africa and South-Est Asia, have myriads of geographical and economic similarities, and share common goals and ambitions in being actors of international peace and security worldwide.  
Morocco and Vietnam are looking forward to a brighter future between the two countries. A future that bypasses geographical and cultural barriers to forge fruitful cooperation ties between our two countries in political, economic and cultural fields, with the aim of achieving the aspirations of Moroccan and Vietnamese peoples for welfare and prosperity.

This website comes as window on the Kingdom of Morocco for Vietnamese and foreigners residing in Vietnam, as well as a communication tool to provide visitors with necessary information about basic introductory data on the country, visa and consular information, Embassy contacts and much more. It is also a tool to enhance political, economic and cultural cooperation between Morocco and Vietnam.

The Moroccan Embassy in Vietnam is open to connect and communicate, regarding initiatives and suggestions that would further improve and expand our bilateral relations. We welcome all opinions, inquiries, and suggestions, which will find our attention, cooperation, and follow-up.   

Azzeddine FARHANE                               
Ambassador of His Majesty the King of Morocco to Vietnam