Inauguration Ceremony of Morocco Gate's restoration, 10th November, 2018.

24/12/2018 1355

                   Vice Chairman Quy, Ambassador Farhane and Deputy Director Hien in the cutting-ribbon ceremony.

During this ceremony , H.E Ambassador of Morocco  highlighted in his speech that the Gate of Morocco reflects the profound traditional friendship and embodies the historical relations between Morocco and Vietnam since the establishment of their diplomatic relations in 1961. The foundations of these relations are laid on the shared historical memory, rooted in the heroic actions of Moroccan soldiers who joined, from 1946 to 1954, the Liberation Army of Vietnam to fight for the independence of this heroic Nation.  This historical memory is not just an individual or a personal experience, it is a part of the collective domain of historical heritage that Morocco and Vietnam have in common, and which is still symbolized, until today, in “Gate of Morocco”, in “Ba Vi” region, as an outstanding monument, built by the hands of Moroccan soldiers, on Vietnamese land and with Vietnamese materials, inspired by Moorish architectural style of Moroccan imperial cities.

                                                                                Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco.


For his side, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi's People Committee underlined in his speech, the followings: " The Morocco Gate is a baroque-style structure, an important cultural heritage of Hanoi. During the restoration, government agencies had restored the Gate and the surrounding pathway and scenery. Upon completing, the gate will be entrust to the owner of the land to continue to watch over the Gate. I trust that the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the Morocco gate will help to carry on history, helping our young generation to understand and know about the historical relationship between the two peoples, country. In the near future, Ha Noi will continue to work closely with the Embassy of Morocco in other concrete activities to further develop relations between the city and the Kingdom of Morocco and the Embassy here in Hanoi."

                                                     Vice Chairman of the Hanoi's People Committee Ngo Van Quy.


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