Morocco-Vietnam’s consular relations

26/03/2021 4565


Since the beginning of the new millennium, consular cooperation has become a priority on the international agenda. The new challenges in terms of security and public order, generated by phenomena such as the increase in migratory flows or terrorism, in all its forms and manifestations, have upgraded the strategic role of consular cooperation.

         Thus, the consular segment is an effective tool for the development of bilateral relations between countries. It optimizes the consular support to all citizens, by providing consular services, through diplomatic Missions.

         The consular service at the Moroccan Embassy in Vietnam works in relation with consular Department of Ministry of foreign Affairs of Vietnam, to promote the role of the Moroccan community in Vietnam, particularly in economic and social fields and as well as to ensure the protection of their rights, in accordance with the bilateral agreements.

          The Governments of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam have signed, in Rabat on 18 November 2004, the Agreement on Visa Exemption for Diplomatic and Service Passport Holders, which allow Vietnamese and Moroccan citizens’ holders of Diplomatic, official and Special passports to be exempted from entrance visa to Vietnam and Morocco, respectively.