Renewable Energies

26/03/2021 1392

The development of renewable energies is at the heart of the national energy policy which calls for a diversification of energy sources by 2030 with 52% of the total electric power installed provided by green energies.

Energy efficiency along with the development of renewable energy is a priority of the national energy strategy: the aim is to save 15% of energy consumption by 2030. With this in mind, action plans for energy efficiency were implemented in all key sectors, particularly transport, industry and construction.

Given the huge potential for renewable energy (solar and wind) available to Morocco, the building of a diversified energy mix benefiting renewable energy has been planned in order to satisfy growing electricity demand, preserve the environment, and reduce dependence on energy from other countries.

To meet these challenges Morocco has launched a very large scale integrated programme for producing electricity from renewable energy sources. This is one of the largest projects in the world, thanks to the construction of new wind farms and the construction of five solar power plants.

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