COVID-19: Health Ministry Declares End of Omicron Second Wave in Morocco

10/08/2022 829

Rabat - 09 August 2022- The Ministry of Health and Social Protection announced on Tuesday the end of the second wave of Omicron, after two consecutive weeks of "low green" vigilance level of COVID-19 community circulation and the beginning of the post-wave phase or the fourth intermediate period.

"Morocco has experienced a fourth wave of community circulation of COVID-19 that lasted 11 weeks and reached its peak in the two weeks from June 20 to July 03," said the coordinator of the National Center for Emergency Operations of Public Health of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Mouad Mrabet, in his presentation of the bi-monthly review of the epidemiological situation (July 05 to August 08, 2022).

The end of an epidemic wave does not mean the end of the epidemic, warned Mrabet, stressing that the spread of the virus will continue at a low level with the possibility of the appearance of a possible, but not imminent, wave.

In the same context, the Moroccan official noted that the last two weeks have been marked by a gradual decline in the level of virus circulation, he assured, noting that the rate of positivity of the tests went from 22.6% during the peak week to 3.2% last week, with an index of reproduction of cases that stands at 0.83.

According to the latest reports from the National Genomic Surveillance Consortium, the Omicron mutant is still prevalent with two main sub-mutants (BA.5 82.5%) and (BA.2 10.5%), compared to 7% for the other sub-mutants, he noted.

Regarding other indices, Mrabet reported a 76% decrease in the number of serious or critical cases in the resuscitation services to settle at 999 cases during this 4th wave, against 4,201 that were admitted during the same period during the 1st wave of Omicron. This result is due to the fact that citizens acquire natural and vaccine immunity against severe and critical cases, he argued.

A total of 931 serious cases due to COVID-19 have been avoided during the current wave and this thanks to the national vaccination campaign, he noted, citing data from the Center for Emergency Operations of Public Health under the Ministry.

Regarding cases of death, they have reached 182 during this wave, against 1,182 during the 1st wave of Omicron, a decrease of 85% compared to the two waves.

Regarding the national vaccination campaign, the rate of people who took the booster dose reached 18.3%, while nearly 30,000 people received the 4th dose, it is said.

The head of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection reiterated the call to all citizens aged 60 and 18 years and over, as well as people with chronic diseases to receive the booster dose, six months after receiving the 3rd dose, urging people with respiratory symptoms to wear the mask and stop any professional or social activity, while going to health facilities for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Source: MAP