MFA Nasser Bourita receives the British MP Liam Fox

02/06/2023 140

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccan Expatriates, Mr. Nasser Bourita, held talks, on May 31, 2023 in Rabat, with the British Member of Parliament, Mr. Liam Fox.

In a press briefing following the talks, the British MP said that Morocco is a great model for cooperation with countries outside its geographical neighborhood.
Morocco "is a best example of countries that are working with others that are functionally similar to them, even if they are not geographically proximate," Mr. Fox stressed.
“I think this is a great model for the 21st century that we will find countries that are like us, not definitely our next door neighbors with which to build a greater understanding and a greater commonality of policies,” he added. Welcoming the constructive
meeting with Mr. Bourita, he said that discussions had covered a number of regional, political, economic and security issues of common interest.
On the same occasion, the British MP said that the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco to find a definitive solution to the artificial dispute over the Moroccan Sahara is the only practical way for moving forward.
"It's important that we focus on what is best" for the populations of the region "and that we look for a practical way forward in the politics of the region," he said.
"It is our responsibility as politicians and leaders to ensure that the quality of life, that standard of life and the security of our people are placed at the top of the agenda," Mr. Fox added.
Proposed by Morocco in 2007, the autonomy plan for the southern provinces now enjoys strong momentum and clear support from a growing number of countries, including Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Hungary, Romania, Portugal and Serbia.