Morocco-Saudi Arabia Joint Commission Calls for Combating Terrorism, Separatist Movements in Sahel

17/06/2022 40

Rabat, 16 June 2022 - The Morocco-Saudi Arabia Joint Commission called, on Thursday, for more efforts to support stability, promote sustainable development and fight against extremism, terrorism and separatist movements in the Sahel region.

Saudi Arabia appreciated Morocco's three-dimensional approach toward the Sahel region, which focuses on security, development and training of human resources, according to the minutes of the 13th session of the Morocco-Saudi Arabia Joint Commission meeting in Rabat.

The commission renewed its condemnation of extremism and terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, regardless of the justifications and motives, and stressed that this dangerous scourge should not be linked to any civilization or religion.

It also stressed the importance of combining regional and international efforts to confront and eradicate terrorism and eliminate its causes.

The commission reviewed the tireless efforts made by the two countries and the pioneering initiatives they have developed to counter terrorism and violent extremism, stressing the need to continue coordination in that regard at the international multilateral level, including the United Nations, the Global Forum on Countering Extremism and the International Coalition against Daesh.

The commission also welcomed the talks on the possibility of launching trilateral cooperation in at the African level as part of a solidarity approach in priority areas.

Source : MAP