UNFPA Commends Morocco's Progress to Promote Elderly Situation

03/10/2022 95

Salé -01 October 2022 - The representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Morocco, Luis Mora, welcomed, Saturday in Salé, the progress made by the Kingdom to promote the situation of the elderly.

Speaking at a communication meeting organized by the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family with associations managing social welfare institutions for the elderly, Mora stressed that the Moroccan government has, in fact, achieved "very important progress" in promoting the conditions of the elderly.
The UN official reviewed the efforts made by Morocco in the field of care for the elderly, including access to health care services tailored to their needs, while praising the policies and programs of the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family for the benefit of this social fringe.
Mora has also emphasized the importance of raising awareness of the specific needs of this category, improving the quality of health programs and prevention that are dedicated to it and the support of civil society for the promotion of the situation of the elderly.
He also noted that the growing number of elderly people in the world poses a number of challenges related to ensuring social assistance and health protection and improving access to treatment and medical care, which must be subject to more efforts.
In this context, the official referred to the repercussions of the Covid-19 and its socio-economic, environmental and health impacts on all components of society in general and the situation of the elderly in particular.

Source: MAP