Application for renewal of Moroccan National Identity Card

23/01/2018 37118


Renewal of Identity card:

Required documents:
  1. Copy of the Registration Card ;
  2. Original of expired National Identity Card ;
  3. Copy of certificate of Evidence of residence status ;
  4. Copy of official document indicating residential address ;
  5. Four (4) photographs ( 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm ) ( See document about the size );
  6. Birth certificate (in Arabic and in French) issued within the last six months or copy of the family book;

Application for Family Book:

Required documents:

  1. Copy of Birth Certificate of the spouse (Arabic, French or English);
  2. - Integral Copy of the spouse’s Birth Certificate;
  3. - Copy of the National Identity Card of both husband and wife ;
  4.  - Certified copy of Marriage Certificate;
  5. - Application duly filled and signed by the applicant.

Laissez-passer (for Moroccans only)

Required documents:

  1. Fully filled out application;
  2. Police report, indicating the loss of passport;
  3. Copy of lost passport (if available);
  4. The original/or copy of the Moroccan National ID.
  5. Two photos (passport size). (Please write name & CIN# on the back). 


Required documents: (for Moroccan citizens)

  1. The original document to be legalized. 
  2. Valid Moroccan national ID card.
  3. Please note that the signatory person of the procuration/power of attorney has to attend in person to sign in front of the Consular affairs officer.

For non-Moroccan citizens :

  1. The documents have to be, first, legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, before being approved by the consular section of the Embassy.
  2. Once the document has been legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, the signatory person is not required to come in person to the Embassy. 

Registration at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco:

Required documents (Moroccans only):

  1.  National Identity Card;
  2. Moroccan family record book or birth certificate;
  3. Residence card or document attesting the regular residence and address in the consular district;
  4. Certificate of university enrollment for students;
  5. Two colored identity photos on white background (4 x 3 cm);
  6. Fill and sign the registration application form;
  7. Submit the original documents along with their copies.

Application for child registration:

Required documents:
  1. - Copy of Consular Registration Card ;
  2. - Original family book ;
  3. - Copy of birth certificate of the child ;
  4. - Mother's birth certificate ;
  5. - Original or certified copy of marriage certificate.

Birth Certificate:

Required documents:

  1. Copy of Consular Registration Card;
  2. - Family book.

Death Registration:

Required documents:

  1. Copy of the Consular Registration Card of the deceased (if any);
  2. - Family book of the deceased or of his/her father’s;
  3. - Moroccan passport of the deceased;
  4. - Death certificate delivered by the authorities of the country of residence;
  5. - National Identity Card of the deceased.