Morocco's Southern Provinces Experience 'Remarkable' Development - African Ambassadors

22/11/2021 434

Dakhla, 18th November 2021 - The southern provinces of Morocco are experiencing a "remarkable" development and a "great" economic boom, said Thursday in Dakhla, ambassadors of African countries accredited to Morocco at the opening of the 1st Forum MD Sahara, held by the media outlet "Maroc Diplomatique".

The ambassador of Cameroon and dean of the diplomatic corps in Morocco, Mouhamadou Youssifou, noted the "great" development of the southern provinces, adding that this region is at the center of "important" economic and diplomatic exchanges.

He added that since 2015, when HM King Mohammed VI launched "major structuring projects" in the region, "every time we return, we notice huge changes that not only improve these provinces, but also promote them as a hub of economic exchanges between Morocco and Africa."

"Our presence in Dakhla reflects our willingness to go side by side with Morocco in its vision to turn this region into a trade hub with sub-Saharan Africa," the Cameroonian diplomat stressed.

According to Youssifou, the continent's salvation depends on creating "large groups" and strengthening south-south cooperation. In this regard, Morocco's southern regions "have a role to play," he pointed out.

In his turn, the ambassador of Côte d'Ivoire, Idrissa Traoré, highlighted the major changes that are taking place in Morocco's southern provinces, in terms of economy and diplomacy.

According to him, this development momentum reinforces these provinces' positioning as a "link" between the Kingdom and the other African countries.

The Ivorian diplomat also reiterated the unwavering position of his country in support of Morocco's autonomy plan as the only solution to settle the artificial conflict over the Sahara.

For his part, the ambassador of Chad, Mahamat Abdelrassoul, highlighted the significant economic dynamics taking place in the southern provinces; a region that can "constitute the locomotive of regional and continental development."

"This is particularly true since South-South cooperation is a lever for the economic and social development of the continent," he said.

The MD Sahara Forum brings together prestigious speakers, officials, decision-makers, analysts and experts in the presence of a relevant audience. According to the organizers, the event aims to tackle themes relating mainly to the development of Morocco's southern provinces.

(Source: MAP)