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All the followings  documents must be translated  to English or French, except copies of ID card and family record book.

Complete details & document required:

  1. Fill in  Visa application : 02 copies/person. The answers in the application must be in English or French.
  2. 02 photos size 3x4 cm taken against white background within the past three months .
  3. Original Passport with at least six months’ validity remaining and sufficient blank pages and one copy of visa pages ; provide old expired passport if owned.
  4. Job certificate / Job contract (Introduction letter from the organization where the applicant is working) / or retirement pension book for retired applicants.
  5. Certified Copies of ID card and family record book. For foreigners: certified copie of Resident permit.
  6. Booking of hotel or identification of accommodation place in Morocco.
  7. Booking of two-way ticket.
  8. Last 3 months bank statements of detailed activity of the applicant current accountcertified by the bank, in English or French.
  9.  For business visa; provide business certificate registration certified by Vietnamese authorities.
  10. Travel Insurance Certificate


  • The visa officer reserves the right to ask for more documents if necessary .
  • The applicant maybe required to undertake an interview with the visa officer at the Moroccan Embassy.
    The satisfaction of these requirements does not necessary entitle the applicant to a visa to enter Morocco .
  • Visa fees payment must be paid at the time of visa application
  • Visa application reception at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco at 09 Chu Van An Street, Hanoi starts from 9:30 – 12:00 in the morning, Monday to Friday. Applicants living out of Hanoi can apply for visa throught an authorized person ( with a certified authorization letter from the passport holder).
  • Diplomatic, official or service passport, are exempted from visa. (certificate will be provided by the Moroccan Embassy)
  • Applicants who are invited for a stay in Morocco, but cannot provide hotel booking, MUST provide invitation letter  and the copy of ID card of the host person certified by local authorities in Morocco.


For a list of countries exempted from Visa entry to Morocco, click here.